Courtesy Vans

We will pick you up in our courtesy van near your cruise ship or hotel and drive you out to the boat and return you to your ship/hotel when we are done with the tour.


We will meet you at your cruise ship dock. As you disembark, you will see a representative with a sign that says "Harv and Marv's"

Harv and Marv's
P.O. Box 32825
 Juneau, Alaska 99803


Harv and Marv's is a proud member  of the Juneau  Convention and  Visitors Bureau.



Harv and Marv's Environmental Awareness Pledge:

We believe that making smart energy decisions is important to protecting our environment and preserving our natural resources for the future. The actions we take could potentially change the world, and we are committed to doing what we can to promote change for the better. Therefore we pledge to do continuously research new methods while utilizing current technologies and managing our daily operations in an effort to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

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