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About Harv and Marv's


Long time friends Captains Jay Beedle and Pete Nelson bring together over 60 years of combined experience on the waters and in the forest of Southeast Alaska to offer the most personal and memorable experience available. These two residents of Juneau have grown up on the waters of Alaska and have both earned a living in and around this environment. To their operation they bring experience as commercial fisherman, tour operators, charter fisherman, divers, surveyors, patrol vessel captain and pilots. They have an unprecedented amount of local knowledge and untold experiences to share with those lucky enough to join them on one of their tours.

Captain Harv

Pete Nelson

Captain Marv

Jay Beedle

Business philosophy:

Jay and Pete’s business philosophy has steered them away from a large passenger operation in favor of a smaller more personal experience. They are dedicated to this approach as it allows them to completely customize each and every trip to suit the interest of their clients. They thoroughly enjoy this approach as it allows them to get to know and personally engage each passenger, thus providing an up close and personal experience for visitors. The smaller operation also awards them the luxury of operating smaller more efficient vessels that produce less of an impact on the environment. A trip with Harv and Marv's Outback Alaska provides each passenger a glimpse and adventure into Southeast Alaska’s wilderness, and its wildlife guided by knowledgeable and experienced local guides that call Alaska their home and playground.


Joining USCG licensed captains Jay and Pete on any one of their customizable tours is an adventure beyond the crowds and into the outback of Alaska. These local guides/captains have logged more hours on the water than most people do in their cars. From Whale watching, salmon fishing, viewing wildlife like, humpback whales, killer whales, sea lions to bald eagles they pride themselves in offering a personal trip, which remains flexible to ensure that their tours meet and exceed the expectations of their guests.


Jay and Pete are quick to point out that they did not enter this business to get rich, but did so to work in the environment that they love, to share their love of Alaska with others, and to provide tours in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. By sticking to their philosophy of catering to only small groups, they can offer their guests the most up-close and personal Southeast Alaska experience available. This experience is heightened by their knowledge, enthusiasm and experiences of living and knowing Alaska. They feel that they have brought together the elements in a company that will give each one of their customers an in-depth view of SE Alaska’s wilderness and wildlife in a low impact approach. One in which the visitor will take away a whole different view and appreciation for Alaska’s Outback and its residents.

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